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The State of Ethics in Large Companies: New Findings from ERC's National Business Ethics Survey (March 2015) Presentation Slides 

Mar 30,2015 15:00

March 31, 2015

Effective E&C programs are vital, living parts of a company's ethos and way of doing business. Effective programs ensure that ethical conduct is rewarded and that employees know how to uphold ethics standards in their work and feel supported in their efforts. The ERC's biennial study, the National Business Ethics Survey® (NBES®), has served as a benchmark of the state of ethics in American companies of all sizes. In 2013, ERC gathered additional data on companies with over 90,000 employees. Join us to for a live webcast that will address the unique experiences of these highly-complex enterprises. The State of Ethics in Large Companies report was made possible in part by support from our sponsor the Center for Audit Quality.

Skip Lowney, Senior Researcher & Nichole Brooks, Researcher
Ethics Research Center (ERC), partner of the Ethics & Compliance Initiative

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