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ECI Webcast: Ethics & Compliance Risk in the Supply Chain

Supply chain risks have grown exponentially in the global economy – and often overlooked is the risk that employees themselves present. ECI's Global Business Ethics Survey™ (GBES™) data provides a snapshot of who supply chain employees are, and what they experience in their workplaces.The...

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Third Parties Are Corruption Headache

When compliance officers can’t sleep at night, it may be because they’re worried that their companies’ third party contractors will run afoul of anti-bribery and corruption (ABC) rules. A new KPMG survey of global risk officers in 64 countries found that the management of third parties is the...

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Mentoring Resources for Suppliers (Marks & Little - Lockheed Martin)

Bl air Marks , Director, Ethics Awareness and Operations - Lockheed Martin Bianca Little , Ethics Analyst - Lockheed Martin In an ever more globally integrated business climate, supply chain relationships are becoming increasingly important and intimate. The actions of one “link,”...

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