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Using a Risk Assessment to Build an Effective Compliance Program Webcast

December 7, 2017 ECI Webcast Co-hosted with NAVEX Global A risk assessment is the starting point for creating a program that successfully addresses bribery and corruption. This session explores the components of a risk assessment and shows how Helsinn Pharmaceuticals used its risk assessment to...

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Ethics Exchange: What is your biggest risk?

Steve Priest : A few weeks ago I asked a hundred or so E&C professionals from utilities and energy firms what their biggest risk was. None of the first three people answering gave what I thought was the obvious answer: safety . This was before the New York City gas pipeline explosion that...

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Getting to a Culture of Integrity: The Role of the CEO, the Board and Risk Strategy

Andrea Bonime-Blanc, JD/PhD [1] We all know both from experience and viscerally that the success or failure of an ethics and compliance program -- of an overall culture of integrity -- begins and ends with our leaders and the tone they set at the top. While we also talk about...

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Diagnosing and Mitigating Cultural Risk

James Meacham, Compliance Advisor, SAI Global James presented at the 2013 Annual Ethics & Compliance Conference (Chicago, September 25-27, 2013) Bribery and corruption have maintained a place at the top of most ethics and compliance officer’s priority list for several years now....

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Global Ethics & Integrity Benchmarks - A Self-Assessment Tool (J. Dubinsky & A. Richter, 2009) Presentation Slides

This 18-slide presentation by Joan Elise Dubinsky (BAE Systems) and Dr. Alan Richter (QED Consulting) discusses a global ethics & integrity benchmark to be used for evaluating any ethics and compliance program anywhere in the world. It includes 12 benchmarks:1. Vision and goals2. Leadership3....

Global_Ethics _&_Integrity_Benchmarks_-_A_Self-Assessment_Tool_(Presentation,_ECOA_Webcast)_2009.pdf