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Men, Women and Ethical Leadership: Gender's Influence on Tone at the Top (2016) ECI Webcast

February 25, 2016Learn key findings from ECI's research study on gender in the workplace. Why is it important for organizations to know how men and women perceive their leaders and organizations? How do these differences between men and women impact ethics culture and the working environment...

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Collective Identity: Ethics and Self-Identifications (Sept. 2015) ECI Webcast

September 30, 2015What are the benefits of a strong connection between your employees and your organization? Learn key findings of ECI's research on collective identity in the workplace, and why it is important for organizations to understand what it is and how to promote it. Among the benefits,...

ECI Free Webcast -Collective Identity-30Sep2015.pdf

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Encouraging Employee Reporting Through Procedural Justice (Sept. 2015) Presentation Materials

September 9, 2015Learn how it benefits your company to have a just process for resolving employee reports of misconduct. We will define "procedural justice" and share recent findings from past ECI Fellows research, provide key supporting metrics and demonstrate how to incorporate a procedurally...

ECI Procedural Justice Webcast 9Sep2015.pdf

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Generational Differences in Workplace Ethics: A National Business Ethics Survey® (NBES®) Update (July 2015) Presentation Materials

July 30, 2015Attendees learned key findings of ECI's research on generational differences in workplace ethics. ECI researchers will present selected findings from the research, and offer ideas on how to advance shared ethical values in your organization.ECI Presenters: Nichole Brooks, Researcher...


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Increasing Employee Reporting Free from Retaliation: Insights from the NBES® 2013 (June 2015) Presentation Materials

June 25, 2015 The biennial National Business Ethics Survey® (NBES®) study has provided a wealth of data on creating an environment where employees feel comfortable bringing concerns to management. Join us in this webcast to learn about the types of environments that contribute to increased...


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Learning the Hard Way: Lessons from Recent DPAs, NPAs, & Consent Agreements (May 2015) Monthly Member Webcast

May 28, 2015 The U.S. government has been a key driver in the evolution of compliance programs into an increasingly independent and pivotal function within senior management. Through consent orders, DPAs, and other resolution agreements connected to the investigation of suspected corporate...

ECI_Learning the Hard Way-Jaffe, Diamant_05.27.15.pdf

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Designing A Next Generation Code of Conduct (J. Moriarty & J. Lin) April 2015 Member Webcast

April 21, 2015 Julie Moriarty – General Manager, Training & Communications Strategy (The Network) Jimmy Lin – GRCP, VP of Product Management & Corporate Development (The Network) Board and C-level executives increasingly cite brand reputation as one of their primary concerns. Ethics and...

ECI_Designing A Next Generation Code of Conduct_04.21.15.pdf

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The State of Ethics in Large Companies: New Findings from ERC's National Business Ethics Survey (March 2015) Presentation Slides

March 31, 2015 Effective E&C programs are vital, living parts of a company's ethos and way of doing business. Effective programs ensure that ethical conduct is rewarded and that employees know how to uphold ethics standards in their work and feel supported in their efforts. The ERC's biennial...

NBES Report_ State of Ethics in Large Companies _ 27March2015.pdf

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Tone Deaf or Perfect Pitch? How to Educate Boards & C-Suite to Sing Along (February 2015) Presentation Slides

February 18, 2015 Ellen Hunt, Director, Ethics & Compliance, AARP Scott Killingsworth, Partner, Bryan Cave LLP Getting agenda time for the Board and C-Suite is tough, so you need to make the most of it. Join us for a discussion of creative ways to get on the agenda, to educate the Board and...

2015 Feb ECOA Webcast - Tone Deaf or Perfect Pitch Final.pdf