Results of Second Values & Culture Survey Conducted by the ECI Released by Penn State

By ECI Connector posted May 31,2018 13:36


A Statement from the Ethics & Compliance Initiative

The Pennsylvania State University (Penn State) today released the findings from their Values & Culture Survey, renewing the commitment of the institution to transparency and accountability to its stakeholders.  The survey was the second of its kind, this time fielded to measure progress since the first implementation in 2013.  Penn State contracted with the Ethics & Compliance Initiative (ECI) to support the implementation of both surveys.  A total of 14,012 members of the University community participated in the 2017 survey effort.

ECI is proud to have been able to work with Penn State in this important effort. In 2013 we applauded the University for leading the way for other institutions of higher education by implementing the first-ever comprehensive culture assessment; surveying all faculty, staff, and students (both graduate and undergraduate) on all of its campuses.  Today we are equally pleased to have found that Penn State has demonstrated that positive change has transpired since the last survey was conducted.  Over the past four years the University has undertaken several important steps to strengthen its ethical culture, including the implementation of a high quality ethics & compliance program (HQP).  The results of the survey are, in part, a reflection of the impact of these efforts.

Leaders across all sectors contact the ECI to help them better understand the cultures of their organizations; it is our belief that the survey metrics and benchmarks that we are able to provide are an important part of our fulfillment of our mission as a nonprofit organization.  We know from our research that culture has a powerful effect on individuals’ decisions and actions in the workplace; therefore, we are committed to helping organizations build and sustain high quality ethics & compliance programs.  HQPs play an essential role in growing a strong culture.

The findings of Penn State’s survey provide a unique glimpse into the means by which an organization can better understand the shared values that guide stakeholders’ decisions and behavior on a daily basis.  We congratulate Penn State for their progress and their identification of next steps in their continued effort to improve.

Patricia J. Harned, Ph.D.
Chief Executive Officer 

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