The Ethics & Compliance Initiative Announces New Direction for the Most Reliable Benchmark on Workplace Ethics

By ECI Connector posted Feb 14,2018 12:40

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ARLINGTON, Va., Feb. 14, 2018 -- The Ethics & Compliance Initiative (ECI) today announced a new direction and timeline for its highly regarded National Business Ethics Survey® (NBES®) and Global Business Ethics Survey™ (GBES). Effective immediately, both studies will be combined under the imprimatur of the Global Business Ethics Survey™ (GBES). New findings from the research will be released on a quarterly basis.

Since 1994, ECI's National Business Ethics Survey has provided the US benchmark on workplace ethics. NBES has been a biennial longitudinal study that identifies changes in the levels and types of observed misconduct in business organizations. It also measures such things as employee patterns of reporting observed misconduct, perceptions of leaders, strength of ethical cultures, and the extent to which retaliation is an issue in the workplace. NBES has been conducted 9 times since its inception. Findings from the NBES have changed practice in the ethics and compliance industry, and many prominent public and private sector leaders have been briefed on insights stemming from the research.

In 2016, ECI implemented the first global expansion of the NBES metrics, resulting in its Global Business Ethics Survey (GBES). First fielded in 13 countries, GBES reported on the same key metrics as the US version of the research.

In order to combine the strengths of both NBES and GBES studies, and to address emerging issues more frequently, ECI is combining the studies under the GBES brand. Once a quarter the research will be implemented globally, and a report of findings will be released. The same longstanding metrics of observed misconduct, reporting patterns, culture strength and retaliation will be measured and tracked over time, now on a global basis.

In 2018, the public can look forward to reports on findings from 5 additional countries (for a total of 18), as well as an update on the progress of businesses in establishing high quality ethics & compliance programs. "The GBES has provided the most reliable metrics for measuring the effectiveness of business efforts to promote integrity," said Pat Harned, CEO of ECI. "We are excited to be able to combine the work we have been doing through these two historic studies, so that we can provide more timely and effective thought leadership to workplaces around the world."

The first quarterly report will be released in February 2018. Executive summaries and relevant statistics from GBES will be available at