Strengthen Your E&C Program. Create and Nurture a Speak-Up Culture

By ECI Connector posted Oct 21,2016 13:22


Over the past few weeks I have been emailing you with information about ECI's High Quality Programs framework, and the resources we provide to help your organization achieve that standard. I'm writing today to tell you about the fourth element of an HQP: a speak-up listen-up culture.

Although senior leaders must accept ultimate responsibility for establishing a speak-up culture, employees at all levels have to feel supported enough to raise a concern. The stakes are high. In a strong culture, employees act as an early warning system for ethical lapses by reporting misconduct when they see it. But when the ethics environment is weak, employees and their managers may ignore wrongdoing and open the door to continuing misconduct that may balloon into crisis.

Helping organizations implement a speak-up culture is a core part of ECI's mission. Between now and the end of next year, we are offering a suite of events that will help organizations nurture speak-up cultures. Every ECI event is designed to reach specific members of your E&C team. Specifically:

  • Our March Best Practice Forum will focus on employee training, including reporting and how to encourage it.
  • Our October Best Practice Forum will be wholly dedicated to understanding ways to create a speak-up/listen-up culture.
  • Our annual conference in April will serve your company's most senior officials with a big picture look at HQPs while also providing practical break-out sessions to help E&C staff address daily challenges.

And, if you want to see how you compare to other organizations, ECI has developed an E&C program self-assessment tool to help you gauge your culture against the HQP framework and your peers.

When you need a partner for building and sustaining an HQP, ECI is here for you.

Patricia J. Harned, Ph.D.
Chief Executive Officer, ECI