Millennials Say Ethics and Values Drive Their Relationship With Employers

By ECI Connector posted Jan 19,2016 15:41


When it comes to their attitudes about business in general as well as their individual work place, Millennials put ethics and values at the top of their list. Millennials surveyed by Deloitte for its fifth annual survey of those born after 1982, said putting employees first and acting with trust and integrity where the key foundation for long-term business success. While large numbers remain skeptical of businesses as a group, the percentage who said businesses behave in an ethical manner ticked up from 52 percent to 58 percent in the most recent survey. Seventy percent of more than 7,700 Millennials surveyed by Deloitte said their personal values were the driving force behind their decision-making and nearly half (49 percent) said they had refused to perform a task at work that went against their personal values. The refusal rate climbed to 61 percent among managers. The refusal to fulfill an assignment that conflicted with personal values ranged widely by geography from a low of 20 percent in Japan to a high of 71 percent in Colombia.