Ethics & Compliance Initiative Launches Four New Benchmarking Groups

By ECI Connector posted Oct 20,2015 12:27


The Ethics & Compliance Initiative (ECI) is pleased to announce the launch of a new Benchmarking Group program, which will provide opportunities for ECI members to share their insights, challenges and program practices on specific ethics and compliance (E&C) topics. Groups will convene by telephone over a short-term period of time; their work will be summarized in reports that serve as benchmarks in the E&C field.

WHAT: Each Benchmarking Group will be co-led by a subject matter expert and senior E&C practitioner. Participants will explore the issue and discuss best practice. Their insights will be summarized in a report to be published and distributed to the ECI community.

WHO: Below are the descriptions of the first ECI Benchmarking Groups, and details on their co-chairs’ thought leadership in each topic.

  1. Conflicts of Interest (COI): This group will identify the best practices undertaken by organizations with regard to the various important and often challenging areas of conflict of interest compliance programs.
    • Sponsor chair: Jeff Kaplan, Kaplan & Walker
      Kaplan is a recognized industry expert on COI, a sought-after speaker and author on the subject, and author of the Conflict of Interest Blog. Kaplan is a partner in Kaplan & Walker, LLP, which provides counsel to corporations on ethics and compliance matters.
    • Practitioner chair: Mark Snyderman, Laureate Education
      Snyderman oversees E&C at an organization that networks more than 80 institutions of higher education. Avoiding conflicts of interest among like-minded institutions is an essential part of Laureate’s business model.
  2. Managing Your Relationship with Monitors: This group will study best practices used by companies to develop and maintain effective working relationships with independent monitors, and how to get the most value from these relationships and monitoring engagements.
    • Sponsor chair: Eric Feldman, Affiliated Monitors
      Feldman is the SVP and managing director of corporate ethics and compliance programs at Affiliated Monitors, Inc. He has personally served as a monitor to a number of organizations; among them, Booz Allen Hamilton.
    • Practitioner chair: Michael Kallens, Booz Allen Hamilton
    • Kallens leads the ethics and business integrity office at Booz Allen Hamilton (BAH). As part of his experience, Kallens worked with Eric Feldman when BAH was assigned a corporate monitor.
  3. Regulatory Intelligence: This group will study and provide ideas on how E&C functions can stay on top of changing regulatory compliance within their resource constraints.
    • Sponsor chair: Bobby Kipp, PwC
      As a partner in her firm’s Risk Assurance Practice and a former E&C practitioner, Kipp specializes in helping companies assess and improve their E&C programs. Monitoring the regulatory environment is an essential element of her efforts to inform clients’ priorities.
    • Practitioner chair: Scott Jensen, QVC
      QVC is the world’s leading video and e-commerce retailer. In 2014, it shipped more than 174 million products, worldwide. As associate general counsel, Jensen is acutely aware of the need for regulatory intelligence, given the many regulations affecting his company.
  4. FCPA/Anti-Corruption: This group will focus on best practices in the changing regulatory climate of anti-corruption enforcement.
    • Sponsor chair: Jeff Knox, Simpson Thacher & Bartlett
      Knox is former chief of the Criminal Division’s Fraud Section at the U.S. Department of Justice. He oversaw criminal enforcement of all FCPA case in the U.S. He now focuses on criminal and regulatory matters, government investigations and compliance counseling.
    • Practitioner chair: Nancy Higgins, Bechtel
      In 2015, Bechtel received the top grade in Transparency International UK’s (TI-UK) Defence Companies Anti-Corruption Index 2015, which measures the transparency and quality of ethics and anti-corruption programs of 163 defense companies from 47 countries. Higgins is CECO at the company, and is integrally involved in the anti-corruption effort.

HOW: Each group will complete its work within three to six months. The results of each group will be an exclusive report for ECI members, and an executive summary for the public. Each report will be combined with a webcast, research data and member samples to form a one-stop shop toolkit for the topic.

WHEN: The groups begin meeting in October, and there are still some participation opportunities available for ECI members. For more information, visit or email

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