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Engaging Millennials to Protect Your Brand Integrity 

Jul 24,2017 16:53

We are in the midst of a societal shift. Generation Z and Millennials are entering our workforce and becoming leaders. This younger demographic is not only the most ethically conscious in society, but the readiest to act. And they have the tools to do so. The proliferation of always-on social media and anywhere access via smartphones means the ethics bar is raised. On this webinar learn how you can effectively engage Millennials and how they can be recruited to help protect your brand. The panel of subject matter experts covered lessons learned, best practices and new technologies, including the launch of SMS intake for Convercent’s Helpline and Case Manager. Panelist organizations include ECI, Under Armour and Convercent. Panelists: Katie Smith, Chief Compliance Officer, Convercent Amy Much, Senior Director & Counsel, Global Ethics & Compliance, Under Armour Katie Lang, Senior Researcher, Ethics & Compliance Initiative


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