Benchmarking Groups

The Benchmarking Groups are a new style of working groups for ECI members to get involved, share their expertise, and produce a standard report to help elevate the E&C field. The goal of each group is to focus on best practices in a specific compliance topic, study the problem, compile data, and write a report to be published and distributed to the ECI community.

Subject matter expert co-chairs will lead 20-25 participants, drawn from ECI’s membership, which consists of senior and mid-level ethics and compliance professionals. Each group will meet monthly for one-hour over three to six months and, guided by the co-chairs, formulate the report. At the conclusion of the meeting series, the group will write an executive summary, made available to the public, and four-page report, made available to ECI members. 

The report will be combined with a webcast, research data, and member samples to form a one-stop shop toolkit for the topic.

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A number of organizations are establishing volunteer programs to expand their reach, identifying employees as “ethics ambassadors” or “integrity champions” who are tasked with helping support the E&C program. These volunteers help carry the E&C message and provide feedback to the E&C program about issues that are surfacing in operations. But how do the programs work? What resources are needed? This group will discuss best practice for establishing such an effort. Join or view group community. Join or view group community.

An organization is most at risk when employees do not feel comfortable raising concerns or reporting suspected misconduct. This benchmarking group will discuss ways to establish an environment where employees can “speak up” without fear to management. The conversation will also focus on strategies and resources to equip supervisors to “listen up” so that employees feel supported and heard. Join or view group community.

Working group to discuss and outline best practices of a centralized hotline and investigation function in a corporate or organizational context. The group will identify emerging standards in assuring investigative quality and compliance with laws, independence, fairness and confidentiality, resource marketing, reporting and record keeping. Project charter working dates are scheduled to run June 13, 2017 to October 17, 2017. View group community.

Most organizations today provide training on ethics & compliance for their employees. But what actually works? How do you keep it fresh? What new approaches and technologies are emerging? This benchmarking group will begin with discussion of the ECI’s newly released training report, and insights from the recent ECI Best Practice Forum on training. The group will further discuss training methods that members find to be most effective. Join or view group community.

Leaders are more likely to support ethics and compliance when they are held accountable for the part they plan in the effort. This group will discuss E&C related performance metrics that can be used with leaders and managers; including ethical leadership, identifying and mitigating risks, and building a strong ethical culture. The group will also discuss strategies for integrating these metrics into the performance review process. Join or view group community.


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