ECI Membership Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of the Ethics & Compliance Association (ECA), the membership community of Ethics & Compliance Initiative (ECI). Before submitting your membership application, please take a moment to familiarize yourself with our membership guidelines. These guidelines reflect our long-held and cherished values of community, integrity, and trust.

ECI Membership Guidelines

  1. Membership in ECI is available only to persons recognized by their organization as having the assigned role and responsibility for designing, implementing, or administering its ethics, compliance, or business conduct program. Individuals with even part-time sales or marketing responsibilities, including those who otherwise would qualify for ECI membership, may not join ECI.
  2. Members are accountable for honoring ECI Professional Standards of Conduct and ECIconnects Code of Conduct.
  3. ECI prides itself on being a community in which every member enjoys the freedom to network and interact freely and respectfully. Individuals may not use information gained via their ECI membership to solicit business with the intent to profit. In addition, members cannot provide any nonmember with member-contact or other information.
  4. To protect the confidentiality of all members, ECI member lists or personal information may not be distributed to nonmembers at any time.
  5. Member benefits are individual and cannot be shared or transferred to other individuals, even within the same organization.
  6. In the event a member leaves her/his organization before the end of the membership term, the balance of the membership remains with the organization, not the individual. Membership dues are not refundable in whole or in part at any time.
  7. Members are expected to contribute samples of their organization’s code of conduct, surveys, charters, policies, training, and other materials to ECIconnect’s online resource library.  ECI will work to protect contributed information from dissemination outside ECI membership.
  8. Members are encouraged to share their knowledge, expertise, and experience with other members and we welcome speaker proposal submissions from members for many types of ECI events, from conferences to webcasts to seminars.
  9. Organizational Members and ECI Fellows are encouraged to participate in the leadership and strategic planning of the association. To this end, we encourage both Organizational Members and ECI Fellows to nominate and self-nominate Organizational Members and ECI Fellows for membership in the Board of Directors. Individual Members are not eligible to vote for board members nor stand for election to the board.
  10. Experience over 25 years has proven that, the greater the extent of members’ participation in ECI activities, including benchmarking groups, industry groups, working groups, resource-sharing, events, and online networking opportunities, the greater the member’s value from membership. 

ECIconnects Guidelines

  1. All participation in ECIconnects, ECI’s members-only online resource and networking center, must reflect ECI’s values: community, integrity, trust, respect, mutual support, and professional excellence.
  2. Members must not inappropriately disparage others within ECIconnects or any ECI-sponsored environment. Online discussions are intended to stimulate networking and learning, not to harm others.
  3. Participants may not post commercial messages or any communication that gives the appearance of soliciting business. This includes promoting, marketing, or selling products, services, or the providers of either.
  4. Members are accountable for reading, understanding, and honoring ECI’s Antitrust Guidelines. While access to ECIconnects is restricted to members, and all communications are protected by ECI’s standards of confidentiality, ECI cannot promise that content will never be requested by enforcement authorities.
  5. All materials added to ECIconnects are subject to copyright protection laws. On submitting content to the Resource Library, members will be asked to confirm their knowledge of their right to contribute the content to the library.
  6. All defamatory, abusive, profane, threatening, offensive, or illegal materials are strictly prohibited.
  7. To promote a trusting, collegial environment, most features of ECIconnects (including the resource library) are provided for the sole use of the ECI member community. Sharing of materials with non-members without the prior authorization of ECI is not allowed.

Our Promise to You:

We are dedicated to you, our members, and to the highest standards of quality and excellence in the field of ethics and compliance. We are always available to respond to requests and questions, and are committed to ensuring that your experience with the ECI community exceeds your expectations. If it does, please tell a colleague or a peer. If it does not, please tell us.

We take the privacy of our members very seriously and will make every effort to protect members’ personal information, including e-mail addresses, and will use member information only in the context of delivering services to members. We do not share confidential member information with outside parties at any time, and we maintain the integrity of our database at all times. We may use your personal information to make you aware of ECI events and services that may interest you. You may opt-out of any type of ECI communication at any time by writing to